National Tax Limitation Committee PAC Endorses Waldron for Assembly

Escondido, Calif.) – The National Tax Limitation Committee PAC (NTLC-PAC), founded in 1975 and one of the nation’s longest standing taxpayer organizations, has endorsed Marie Waldron for State Assembly.

“Marie Waldron has demonstrated through words and in deeds, her commitment to California’s taxpayers while serving on the Escondido City Council,” said NTLC founder and president Lew Uhler.  “As Governor Davis and his liberal allies in Sacramento have raided local governments in order to balance the state budget, Marie has stood strong in the face of those proposing tax increases to balance the Escondido budget.  Instead, Marie has worked with her colleagues on the council to find efficiencies in the delivery of services to balance the budget every year.  That is the kind of leadership we need in the State Assembly.”

NTLC-PAC’s goal is to incorporate taxpayer support to effect state and federal spending limits and supports candidates who demonstrate leadership to achieve NTLC-PAC’s goal of limited government.

“Lew Uhler and the NTLC-PAC have been on the front lines fighting for taxpayers for nearly four decades,” said Waldron.  “No one has worked harder to protect California from out-of-control government spending and as a member of the Assembly, I plan to be fight for taxpayers by cutting state government and focusing on the delivery of services that Californians expect of their government.

Marie Waldron is the only Republican candidate running in the 75th Assembly District and has raised over $150,000 for her campaign.